It’s ‘Tommy’s’

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It’s ‘Tommy’s’

On February 20, 2017, Posted by , In Principal's Desk, With No Comments

An electronic survey was sent out recently to ask our community to name our new tuckshop and waiting area.

The old tuckshop was right next to the William J. Slater Hall –  a noisy area when exams were on the go. It was the bane of our lives in June and November.

Fortunately, the Board of Governors had a bit of money left over from a major project and decided to invest it wisely in building a new tuckshop and waiting area (the latter for our children’s benefit when it rains and they need to wait for their parents).

Each class had an opportunity to choose a name. The winning names per grade were then put to the vote. Three names proved popular: (1) Tommy’s (after our school dog which died last year) (2) The Henshilwood Hub (3) The Norm.

543 votes were cast. ‘Tommy’s’ came out tops with 43.9 % of the vote (238 votes) followed by ‘The Henshilwood Hub’ with 31.4 % of the vote (170 votes) and ‘The Norm’ with 24.7 % of the vote (134 votes).

A total of R 6000 was raised to complete the branding and put in extra bins around the area.

I wish to thank everyone who took part in this initiative. Tommy’s legacy lives on now!

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