Who Are We?

First Rate Facilities

Although the school is situated within walking distance of Wynberg, Constantia and Plumstead, our modern campuses are set within extensive sports’ fields. Henshilwood has some of the best facilities and resources of any high school in the Western Cape. There is also a wide range of out of school activities comprising sporting and cultural activities. Main Campus and West Campus accommodate 1 075 pupils and a total staff complement of 77 adults [52 teaching staff].

THE CURRICULUM: Quality Teaching and Learning

The three-knowledge systems of education are a priority at Normies: CURRICULUM, INSTRUCTION and ASSESSMENT. The National Curriculum Statement [CAPS] curriculum is taught from Grade 8 to Grade 12 level.

Grade 8s and 9s do the 9 subjects required by the NCS. In Grades 10 – 12 pupils do English Home Language, Afrikaans First Additional Language, pure Mathematics or Maths Literacy and Life Orientation as compulsory subjects. They then choose three [or four] of the following subjects: Physical Sciences, Accounting, Geography, History, Business Studies, Economics, Life Sciences, Art, IT.

All pupils in Grade 9, 10 and 11 do a three year ICDL computing qualification. Each teacher has been carefully selected to inspire and influence the child to perform at a level commensurate with each child’s ability. Classes range from large to small depending on grade and gateway subjects.

ICT is ubiquitous and staff is trained in the use of ICT. The progress of learners is monitored and supported by a team of specialist counsellors. Homework and portfolio work are set daily and parents are kept fully informed by detailed reports of learner progress and achievement. Consultation evenings occur three times per year. The school is proud of its academic standards. As a result, staff development and learner achievement are two aspects that are allocated ‘high priority’ status. The principal is the instructional leader and academic head and all academic staff are accountable to him for high standards of teaching and learning.

Community Involvement

At Henshilwood we believe that education starts at home. However, the school is a partnership-relationship that parents enter into upon enrolment at the school. It is vital that parents become involved. Fundraising forms a large part of internal funds generation and is done to keep school fees’ payment down to a manageable level. An active Parents’ Association [PA], a group of highly committed parents, raises funds for the school and o have a high profile at the school.

Every Child Is Special

At Henshilwood we believe in giving as much individual attention as possible because all pupils deserve recognition. At Normies we know that all pupils have different abilities, personalities and individual needs. Although we are a large school, we are able to get to know our children well and we know how to motivate them individually to make the most of their time at school. Staff/pupil relationships are very good. Awards’ Assemblies recognize achievement other than outcome only. This has broadened the base of recognition and allows Normies to embrace its vision of the holistic development of the child.

Admission Arrangements

The school continues to grow in strength in both performance and popularity. However, an admissions policy is in place with limited space from Grade 8 to 12. All enquiries should be directed to the Admissions’ Secretary, Mrs Scheepers rscheepers@nhhs.co.za who will be pleased to give you any information that you may require. We are a diverse and multi-cultural school which thrives on, and respects, our diversity. We welcome any pupil of whatever race, religion, creed, sexual orientation and belief-system as long as they are prepared to create a platform for their own success, in collaboration with the school.

Management and Governance Structures

The school is managed by a School Management Team (SMT) comprising the Principal, Deputy Principal and several Education Specialists (ES) (Senior Members of Staff).

The SMT is responsible for the daily management of the school. Education Specialists are allocated one grade to manage. Members of the SMT also serve as portfolio heads. Portfolios are: Administration & Inventory, Human Resource Development, Public Relations, Youth Leadership and Youth Recognition. All correspondence concerning any grade matter is done through the relevant ES. The South African Schools’ Act 84 of 1996 mandates the school to be governed by a School Governing Body (SGB). The SGB is headed by a Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary and, in total comprises 7 elected parent members, 2 educator representatives, 1 non-educator representative, 2 learner representatives and the Principal. In total, 13 members govern the school.

Traditional Values

Our emphasis on personal learning places a premium on ensuring excellent behaviour at all times in and around the school. Self-discipline is encouraged as a means to achieving the best possible results. Pupils are able to learn effectively and receive recognition for their achievements. Uniform is smart and strictly enforced and every opportunity is given to learners to take on responsibility as part of an active School Council comprising the Representative Council of Learners (RCL) and Matric Council of Learners (MCL). Learners are expected to greet all adults on campus, whether they are in the classroom, on the sports field, participating in cultural activities or running errands to the office.

Code of Conduct

Henshilwood is proud of its Code of Conduct, a document which governs learner conduct at the school. It is a progressive code that encourages a culture of self-discipline yet clearly states the consequences of misconduct by learners. Upon enrolment, parents are expected to sign acknowledgement of the code and undertake to ensure that their children abide by it. The code is visited on an annual basis by the Board of Governors and is considered to be a permanent working document.

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