Mission Statement

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Our Mission

To fulfil our Vision by:

  • facing the challenges which change presents.
  • updating and improving the learning environment on an ongoing basis.
  • setting and maintaining high standards in all spheres of school life.
  • equipping learners with the necessary entrepreneurial and life skills to fulfil their role as responsible and productive members of a healthy society.
  • inculcating an acceptable value system, which includes honesty, respect, tolerance, self discipline, commitment and good manners.
  • promoting a culture of reading and research.
  • embracing technology and seeking to use its possibilities and opportunities to enrich and enhance learning and the learning environment.
  • maintaining a happy, safe and dynamic teaching environment.
  • promoting the right of teachers to teach and learners to learn.
  • realising that we are a community, yet acknowledging and appreciating difference and diversity.
  • creating opportunities within a holistic, affordable education for the development of the learner’s full potential academically, culturally, spiritually and in sport.
  • providing avenues for learners to express and shape their opinions responsibly with regard to the governance of the school.
  • maintaining a vibrant, dynamic and contented staff team.
  • developing co ownership and accountability among all stakeholders and encouraging maximum parental support and involvement.
  • promoting the care of school buildings and other facilities.
  • a sense of pride in BRAND ME and BRAND HENSHILWOOD.