Epoch & Optima Trusts

The Epoch and Optima Trusts are independent trusts founded by the Anglo American Group to disburse funds for the furtherance of excellence in maths education. The goal of the Trusts is to have more learners matriculating with maths skills to access tertiary institutions. Norman Henshilwood has been partnered with Epoch and Optima since 2008 and with their help we have increased our participation rate by an average of 15% and our quality passes (level 5, 6 and 7s) have increased by 8.1%. We use our funds to supply an extra maths teacher, provide staff development opportunities, facilitate entries into Mathematics Olympiads and fund our own competitions. We are very excited to welcome two new maths learnership candidates next year in our goal to train excellent mathematics educators. Normies is exceptionally grateful for everything that Epoch and Optima has provided for our Mathematics Department.