Dear Parents/Guardians/Staff

We have come to the end of Term 2.

This term saw our learners buckling down on the academic front, this being an exam term. I trust that our learners have prepared well, this will be reflected in the results that will be available in due course. The exams were especially important to the matriculants, who require these results for their applications to tertiary institutions. I would like to wish all matriculants all the best with these applications. Do not procrastinate, get them done! It is a stressful time I know, but persevere.
In true Normies fashion, each term is never without its events that have become a tradition over the years. We started the term with a fashion show, run by the Learner Council,under the guidance of Ms Barnes. Thank you to everyone for the support.
 For the first time we tested the waters by hosting a show for local, yet accomplished artists. Although this was not well supported, it was an excellent show, testament to the amazing talent that exists in Cape Town. We have learners at Normies who are budding musicians, dancers, singers and actors. We have to support and encourage this talent,  after all “Local is lekker”!
The matric dance, held at The Westin Hotel, was a lavish and smart affair, second to none. Our girls and boys were transformed into ladies and gentlemen, I could not help but marvel at the effort that went into this evening. Thank you to the parents for making this happen for our children. Thank you to Mr Stoltz for taking over the role of grade head so aptly, working tirelessly to ensure Normies had a matric dance of note.

Our Sports department was not without its Top Achievers

Melissa Savage : athletics, softball; Dylan Sheraton : swimming; Joshua Bowers : swimming; Ethan Bailey : swimming
Luqmaan Slarmie : kung fu; Zachary Kemp : karate; Shakeel Jattiem : baseball; Daiyaan Kamish : ice hockey
Congratulations to all those who attained top honours in their field.
This term we raised more awareness around bullying,  a problem experienced in most schools. Every learner has the right to feel safe in the school environment and I will not stop in trying to eradicate all forms of bullying in our school.  The MEC, Debbie Schafer, in conjunction with KFM DJ Carl Wastie, began their anti bullying campaign at Normies, with the slogan, Raise your Voice, Not your Phone. We have also recently introduced the “Anonymous App” which will be going live next term. This will enable learners to anonymously report ANY suspicious activity. I appeal to parents to assist us in keeping our school safe and creating an environment where learners can thrive without fear.
This brings me to our Values-Driven Education system. This is an ongoing process, an initiative of the WCED. Each month we identify a specific value and create awareness around this specific value, which we believe will get us closer to our goal of “Transform to Perform “. I would once again like to appeal to parents to invite Values-driven Education into their homes. We are doing our best to instill these values in our children, please meet us halfway and do the same on the home front.

In Touch Portal

We are very excited to be launching In Touch Portal to both learners and parents. Here parents can keep track of their child/children’s results,  behaviour, communication etc. I encourage you to register as soon as possible. We go live on 9 July 2019, so please register asap by using the link below


This term we say farewell to Miss Angela Campher. Miss Campher has been a teacher at Normies for 10 years. She starting her teaching career with us, and I have seen her grow into a confident, resourceful and brilliant teacher. She leaves to take up a teaching post in Sweden and we wish her every success for the future. She is going to be sorely missed by her colleagues as well as her learners.
I would like to thank the teachers, counselling staff, ground-staff and the admin block for their hard work, dedication and commitment this term. No job is more important than the next, we work as a unit and without any of them, we cannot function effectively as a school. To the SGB, thank you for having the best interest of the school at heart. I am grateful to have your experience, passion and drive on board. Thank you to the PTA, who works tirelessly at every event. The Learner Council; the voice of the learners. I am astounded by your energy. Seeing you go about your duties makes me proud to think we had a hand in shaping you into the strong individuals you have become.
As our Touring party depart for Italy on Thursday,  I pray for travelling mercies and pray that you remain in the protection of the Almighty. Enjoy, make memories and be true ambassadors for Norman Henshilwood.
That’s a wrap! Enjoy the holidays
Kind Regards
J Holland