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B. Manuel
Life Orientation; Geography
G. Jacobs
Mathematics; Physical Sciences
C. Appolis
Physical Sciences
I. Gabier
Accounting; EMS
E. Daniels
Mathematics; Mathematics Literacy
R. Connolly
Head of Creative Arts; Music
A. Campher
Life Sciences; Natural Sciences
J. Botha
T. Barnes
HOD;Life Orientation; Grade Head Gr 9; Student Council Liaison
L. van Wyk
Business Studies
C. Stoltz
HOD: History; Grade Head Gr 12; School Management team
F. Rich
Mathematics (Part-Time)
R. Primo
Natural Sciences; Life Sciences
K. Poole
Economics; EMS
R. Nieuwenhoudt
ICDL Administrator
F. Nefdt
M. Moult
English (Part-Time)
J. Lawrence
G. Daniels
B. Ellman
HOD; Head of English; Grade 9 Head; RCL Liaison Teacher
G. February
Head of Physical Sciences
T. Rossouw
Geography; Life Orientation
C. Schiava
B. September
R. Wegerhoff
HOD; Grade 11 Head; Afrikaans; Assessments & Examinations
V. Heuvel
Head of Business Studies
W. Paulsen
Mathematics; Mathematics Literacy
N. Rhoda
A. Adams
Life Orientation / Geography
GL. VD Westhuizen
PE/Sport Administration
W. v.d Merwe
L. Mathyse
O. Groenewald
R. Scheepers
Personal Secretary to the Principal
P. Dirksen
Librarian; LTSM Administration; Head of Culture
N. Lewis
Research Secretary; CEMIS Administrator
C. Van Heerden
I.T. Technician
S. Hartle
I.T. Technician
A. Hey
Printing Secretary
R. Falken
Sport Administration
C. McEvoy
Head of Counselling
R. Wickramasinghe
Envor Capito
Estate Manager
Brigette Newman
J. Louw
C. Ambraal
General Assistant
R. Du Plessis
Debtors' Secretary
Z. Dollie
M. Goldman
Assistant Bursar
J. Holland
Principal; Head of Examinations
Z. Hendricks
HOD; Grade 12 Head; Head of Performance Management
A. Adams
HOD; Grade 9 Head; Afrikaans Head; Head of Inventory
M. Pienaar
HOD; Grade 10 Head; Head of History; Head of Pupil Recognition
Y. Miller
HOD; Head of Accounting & Human Resources