Whole School Evaluation

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Whole School Evaluation

Whole-school evaluation (WSE) is the cornerstone of the quality assurance system in schools. It enables a School Management Team and District Officials to provide an account of the school’s current performance and to show to what extent it meets national goals and the needs of the community it serves. This approach provides the opportunity for acknowledging the achievements of a school and for identifying areas that need attention. WSE implies the need for all schools to look continuously for ways of improving, and the commitment of the National and Provincial Departments of Education to provide development programmes designed to support their efforts.

This national policy seeks to reinstate the supervision and monitoring mechanisms at school level and is designed to help Departmental Officials reach conclusions on the overall performance of schools using agreed national criteria. The WSE policy also indicates ways in which very good schools should be recognised and under-performing schools supported. WSE encapsulates school self-evaluation as well as external evaluation. Implementing this policy is an important step towards improving school education, helping educators work more effectively and ensuring all learners get the best opportunities of success.

The Whole-School-Evaluation cycle includes pre-evaluation surveys/visits, school self-evaluation, detailed on-site evaluation, post-evaluation reporting and post-evaluation support.

The areas in which a school is evaluated are:

  1. Basic functionality of the school.
  2. Leadership, management and communication.
  3. Governance and relationships.
  4. Quality of teaching and learning, and educator development.
  5. Curriculum provision and resources.
  6. Learner achievement.
  7. School safety, security and discipline.
  8. School infrastructure.
  9. Parents and community.

The school’s overall performance will be rated using the following scale:

5 = Outstanding
4 = Good
3 = Acceptable
2 = Needs improvement
1 = Needs urgent support
Where it is not possible to give a rating, 0 will be used.

Norman Henshilwood High School was last evaluated in 2013 and the ratings awarded to the school are:

  1. Basic functionality of the school: Rating 4
  2. Leadership, management and communication: Rating 4
  3. Governance and relationships: Rating 4
  4. Quality of teaching and learning, and educator development: Rating 4
  5. Curriculum provision and resources: Rating 4
  6. Learner achievement: Rating 4
  7. School safety, security and discipline: Rating 3
  8. School infrastructure: Rating 4
  9. Parents and community: Rating 4