Creative Arts - Drama

The study of Drama in Creative Arts gives learners tools to represent human experiences in dramatic form, through a process of participation, collaboration, exploration and presentation. The focus on physical and vocal warm up activities is vital, not simply because it prevents injury; it also develops physical awareness, coordination and strength over time. An important aspect of Drama is the development of classroom performances (through improvisation) based on specific stimulus. The learner explores the motivation and relationships between people in a real, imagined or historical context hereby helping them to understand the world around them. Through Drama the learner develops confidence, language and communication skills as well as emotional intelligence. These attributes are an asset to anyone who wishes to pursue a career in business, law, education or media.

Though Norman Henshilwood does not offer Dramatic Arts as a subject in the FET phase, we have a thriving extra mural society. On the extra mural front, learners are encouraged to expand their skill base by making use of play text, physical characterization and accent work. The learner is expected to make decisions about the character and take responsibility for those decisions. Through script work and character analysis the goal is a fully rounded, believable character. Our most auspicious performance is the annual Shakespeare festival that takes place at the Artscape Theatre in June. We also perform at Norman Henshilwood’s annual MADD evening which is a cultural collaboration of Music, Dance and Drama, written and directed by Miss J Botha.