ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence)

ICDL™ (International Computer Driving Licence) is the world’s leading end-user computer certification programme and is an internationally recognized computer qualification. The ICDL™ certification programme covers the key concepts of computing and its practical applications.

ICDL™ is compulsory for all learners in Grades 9 to 11. This forms part of the academic programme offered by the school. Tuition takes place during school hours. Learners are registered through the school with the ICDL™ head office and receive a Skills Log Book, which records their progress through the certification process. Learners are tested on each module by the school as an accredited testing centre.

Benefits of ICDL:

  • Increases essential IT skills
  • Improves job and study
  • Provides an internationally recognized qualification
  • Increases confidence in computer
  • Provides a springboard to improved job & study prospects and job
  • Provides a platform from which to move on to higher-level IT education
  • Enables and facilitates flexible learning
  • Increases productivity

Profile Base Modules:

  • Concepts of ICT
  • Web Browsing and communication
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets

Profile Standard Modules:

  • Presentations
  • Using Databases
  • Using the computer and managing files