Mathematics Literacy

Mathematical Literacy teaches the learner about the practical things in everyday life that we generally take for granted. eg how to read a water account, how to plan a holiday , how much paint is needed to paint your house etc. These skills are invaluable and useful in later life. All learners can and will do well if they apply themselves. It is a lot easier than Mathematics, but we use a lot of Mathematical terminology in Mathematical Literacy. It does not mean that they don’t have to work hard at the subject, here they can score well and receive a bachelors pass.


  • Measuring ,estimating
  • Banking, VAT
  • Direction – maps, plans
  • Reading and interpretation of till slips, household bills
  • Best buys in supermarkets
  • Probability


  • Budgets – income and expenditure
  • Perimeter, area, volume
  • Scale
  • Profit and loss
  • Inflation, exchange rates
  • Plans – seating, layout, street maps, railway timetables
  • Assembling furniture, cell phones, electrical appliances, toys
  • Probability – compound events


  • Time conversions
  • Taxation, pension funds
  • Rental options
  • National and provincial statistics
  • Banking – investments, buying power
  • Hire purchase, loans
  • Stokvels, annuities
  • Maps – National and provincial
  • Tiling / Painting a house
  • Growth charts
  • Probability – National lottery