Physical Science

Physical Sciences investigates physical and chemical phenomena. This is done through scientific enquiry, application of scientific models, theories and laws in order to explain and predict events in the physical environment.

The purpose of Physical Sciences is to make learners aware of their environment and to equip learners with investigating skills relating to physical and chemical phenomena. These skills include classifying, communicating, measuring, designing an investigation, drawing and evaluating conclusions, predicting formulating models to mention a few.

Physical Sciences prepares learners for future learning, specialist training, employment, citizenship, holistic development, socio-economic development and environmental management. Learners choosing Physical Science as a subject in Grades 10-12, including those with barriers to learning, can have improved access to : engineering, medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, biokinetics, astronomy, aviation, geology, quantity surveying, architecture.

In conclusion , Physical Sciences plays an increasingly important role in the lives of all South Africans owing to their influence on scientific and technological development which are necessary for the country’s economic growth and social well-being of its people.