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NHHS & Books 24/7

TEXTBOOK SALE – Wed 5 December 2018

Two options are available to obtain the text books required:

  1. Order online from the Books 24/7 websitewww.books247.co.za
  • Register as user.
  • Select school and grade applicable.
  • Select from the list that will be displayed.

2.  Buy directly at the book sale:

  • Where: Norman Henshilwood High School
  • When: Wednesday, 5 December 2018; time: 10:00 – 13:30
  • Debit and Credit card facilities will be available.
  • Cash payments will also be accepted.

We urge you please to attend the book sale or order online well in advance since some of the publishers take up to FOUR weeks to deliver orders.

Below is a list of the additional text books required in each grade for 2019. Should you have any further queries, kindly contact us immediately for assistance, or contact the Subject/Grade Head.

Additional Text Books