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Normies Achiever - "Queen" Alyssa Van Der Merwe

On 24 September 2019, Alyssa competed in her very first pageant, where she was crowned as the 2nd Princess. This achievement allowed her entry into Miss/Mister Junior Teen South Africa. In October 2019, her entry was finalised and she officially qualified as a Miss Junior Teen Finalist for 2020. The pageant was scheduled to take place in March, but because of the pandemic, it had to be
postponed. Finally, after a few months, as some of the restrictions were lifted, she continued modelling classes and diligently practised. The pageant was set to take place virtually.

The outfits that were required in this pageant included interview wear, themed wear, evening wear and casual wear. Alyssa’s modelling was judged on the ramp videos she had to submit. During the last judging round before the results, interviews took place and the results were released on Sunday 23rd August 2020.


Her titles are as follows: Miss Junior Teen South Africa 2nd Princess and she now wears the crown as Miss Junior Teen Globe South Africa 2020 (this is the international title).

We are extremely proud of our “Normies” queen. It was a tough competition, judged during difficult times. Well done on your success in this national competition, Alyssa!#normiespride