Board of Governors

1. The Board of Governors is constituted of 13 elected representatives, with voting rights (one vote each), for a THREE YEAR PERIOD (*), as follows:

  • The Principal (ex-officio member)
  • 7 parent representatives
  • 2 educator representatives
  • 1 non-educator representative
  • 2 learner representatives*
  • *Learner representatives are elected for a term of 1 year only

2. The Board of Governors must formally declare, in writing, their acceptance of nomination and election.

3. The Board of Governors may co-opt (without voting rights) any other representative/s, as it deems necessary in the performance of its functions, as Board members and/or as portfolio committee (PORTCOM) members. Aforementioned co-opted members must formally declare, in writing, their acceptance of co-option.

4. The Board of Governors will elect, from within its ranks of 13 elected members, the following office bearers (whose term of office is ONE YEAR):

  • Chairperson **
  • Deputy Chairperson ***
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer, who must be informed in writing by the Chairperson of his/her authority
  • ** The Chairperson shall be a parent member, who shall be entitled to a casting vote
  • *** The Deputy Chairperson shall be a parent member, who shall be entitled to a casting vote in the event of carrying out the duties of the Chairperson

1. The Board of Governors will hold an Annual General Meeting in November of each year. At this meeting the annual budget will be presented for consideration and approval.

2. The Board of Governors will meet once per term. A quorum is formed if a majority of 7 of the 13 elected members is present, provided that within the quorum the elected parent members are in the majority.

3. Aforementioned quarterly meetings are the minimum number of times the Board of Governors will meet.

4. A Resource Pack, prepared by the school after receiving electronic reports from portfolio committee members, will be circulated to each Board of Governors’ member on the Friday preceding the meeting. The following will constitute the Resource Pack:

  • Notice of the meeting (date, time and place)
  • Agenda
  • Minutes of previous meeting/s (to be adopted at the meeting)
  • Principal’s report
  • PORTCOMS’ reports [Finances; Discipline, HR, Fundraising, Sport and Culture, IT]
  • Educators’ representatives’ report
  • Non-educators’ representative’s report
  • Learners’ representatives’ report
  • Correspondence (if any)

1. The Board of Governors must be members of a minimum of TWO [2] of the following portfolio committees (PORTCOMS):

  • Finance (FINCOM)
  • Discipline (DISCOM)
  • Human Resources (HRCOM)
  • Fundraising/PTA (FUNDCOM)

2. PORTCOMS must elect Chairpersons and inform the Principal after its Strategic Planning meetings of the dates upon which PORTCOMS will meet. Strategic Planning must form part of SGB planning for a following year and must be completed by the middle of November of each school year.

3. PORTCOMS must meet at least once per term and/or at the discretion of the chairperson of the portfolio committee and subject to the availability of members of the portfolio committee whose chairperson is calling an ad hoc meeting. Where possible, the dates of portcom meetings will be included as part of the annual Strategic Year Planner.

4. PORTCOM Chairpersons must submit quarterly reports on its activities. Aforementioned reports must be available for inclusion in the Board of Governors Resource pack ONE WEEK prior to FULL Board of Governors meetings. Quarterly reports must be signed by the Chairpersons of the PORTCOMS.

  1. Promote the best interests of the school and strive to ensure its development through the provision of quality education for all the learners at the school as a Section 21 company.
  2. Support the Principal, Educator staff and Non-educator staff in the performance of their roles and responsibilities.
  3. Revise the Code of Conduct every three years.
  4. Determine the times of the school day consistent with national policy.
  5. Administer and control the school’s property, grounds and buildings occupied by the school.
  6. Encourage the community to render voluntary services to the school.
  7. Establish posts for educator staff (SACE registered) and Non-educator staff additional to the post establishment determined by the WCED.
  8. Recommend to the WCED the appointment of Educator staff and Non-educator staff consistent with national policy.
  9. Allow the reasonable use of the school’s buildings for educational programmes not conducted by the school.
  10. Determine the school’s extra-curricular programme.
  11. Supplement the resources provided by the State.
  12. Administer all school funds.
  13. Maintain one bank account.
  14. Prepare a budget on an annual basis and present it to the parent body for consideration and approval. Aforementioned budget must include equitable criteria for partial, total or conditional exemption of parents who are unable to pay school fees.
  15. Enforce payment of school fees by process of law.
  16. Keep all financial statements and records and have aforementioned records and statements audited on an annual basis and submit audited statements to WCED by 30 June each year. The financial year for NHHS is 1 January – 31 December (as per national policy for schools).
  17. Develop an Admissions’ Policy and annually review it.

1. A vacancy occurs on the Board of Governors when a member:

  • Submits a written resignation.
  • Is relieved of his/her office in accordance with national policy.
  • Is absent for three consecutive meetings without apology.
  • Passes away.

2. A vacancy is filled in the same manner as Board of Governors’ members are elected.

If the WCED determines (on reasonable grounds) that the Board of Governors has ceased to perform its allocated functions, the WCED must appoint sufficient persons to perform all such functions for a period not exceeding 3 months (may be extended for 3 monthly periods not exceeding one year).  A new Board must be elected within a year of the replacements being installed by the WCED.

A member of the Board of Governors is not liable for any debt, damage or loss incurred by the school unless he/she acted without authorization, with malicious intent or negligently and can therefore be held responsible for such debt, damage or loss.

NHHS is a body corporate which is represented by the Chairperson or, when necessary, by a substitute nominated by the Board of Governors at a meeting.

No Board of Governors’ member may be remunerated in any way for the performance of his/her Board of Governors’ duties.  However, necessary expenses incurred by a member of the Board of Governors in the performance of his/her Board of Governors’ duties may be reimbursed by the school e.g. meetings’ expenses, petrol expenses etc. NO portcom chairperson may incur any expense [other than petrol expense] without the authorization of the chairperson of the SGB.

A member of the Board of Governors must withdraw from a meeting of the Board of Governors for the duration of the discussion and decision-making on any issue in which the member has a personal interest.

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