Financial Obligations for 2020

Below is a list of Financial Obligations for Grade 8 to 12 for 2020:



R19 300 – Payable in advance or monthly instalments of R1930 over 10 months
(31 January 2020 – 31 October 2020)

ICT FEES are Payable by 31 January 2020

Grade 8 – R 250
Grade 9 – R 250
Grade 10 – R 425
Grade 11 – R 425
Grade 12 – R 250


Receive a discount of (10%) R1 930 if School Fees are paid in full by 29 February 2020
Receive a discount of (5%) R965 if School Fees are paid in full by the 31 March 2020
Sibling Discount of (10%) R1 930

The following is NOT covered by School Fees

ICT Fees
Peter Clark Art Centre
Any 8th subject taken on another school’s property (e.g. Art, IT)
Civvies Day
Fundraising Activities
Matric Breakfast, Matric Camp, Matric Jersey, Matric Ball, Matric Tie, Matric badge
Leadership Activities
All Excursions and Camps
Local & Overseas Tours
All additional LTSM and Stationery not provided by WCED
Entries to Olympiads (Except Maths & Science)

NHHS Bank Details

Bank: ABSA
Account Holder: Norman Henshilwood High School
Account Number: 011 559 305 31
Branch Code: 505 309
Account Type: Current Account

Please include your child’s student number as reference and/or name and grade [on your EFT payment]

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