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Envor Capito
Estate Manager
J. Holland
Principal; Head of Examinations

The Governing Body is made up of the following members.

Parent Members: Mr Marwaan Amos, Mrs Bianco Burger, Mr Michael Daries, Mrs Allison Grandy, Mr Zieyaad Hattas, Mrs Gwendoline Lakay, Mrs Ruschda O’Shea.

Non-Teacher Member: Mr Envor Capito
Teacher Members: Ms Tara-Lea Finlay and Ms Lynda Wakelin
Learner Members: Mr Reuben Burger and Ms Tatum Mentoor.

Our elected  office bearers.

Chair-lady: Mrs Bianco Burger
Deputy Chair: Mrs Gwendoline Lakay
Treasurer: Mr Zieyaad Hattas
Secretatary: Mrs Allison Grandy