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Instructions to Candidates

  • If you are ill on the day of the examination, please ask your parent/s to telephone the school as soon as possible or mail the relevant Grade Head. Please submit a Medical Certificate upon your return otherwise ‘0’ will be given for the exam.

  • Full school uniform must be worn for exams and the Code of Conduct must be adhered to.

  • No pencil cases are allowed on desks.

  • Tell the invigilator at once:

    • If you think you have the wrong question paper.
    • If the question paper is badly printed or incomplete.
    • Read ALL instructions carefully before you begin to write.
  • You may use a non-programmable calculator, unless you are told you may not.

  • Do all rough work on examination stationery.

  • You may not ask for, and may not be given, any explanation of the questions.


  • Please ensure that you bring everything you need to complete the exam. No borrowing will be allowed.

  • You must write in either blue or black ink. No Tippex is allowed.


    • … you feel ill
    • … you need to go to the bathroom.
    • … you need more paper
  • There is to be silence when papers are being collected. You must hand in question papers and answer scripts and may only leave the venue once all papers have been collected and you have been dismissed.

  • If you finish an exam ahead of time, you may not talk or in any way try to communicate with another candidate.

  • If a pupil is caught cheating, their paper will be removed, they will be given clean foolscap and may continue to write. The pupil and invigilator will be escorted to the Head of Examinations where an Irregularity Report will be filled in. The pupil’s parents will then be called to the school where the matter will be dealt with.