Absence from School

A 95 % attendance is a must [exceptions are serious illness]. When pupils’ attendance dips below 95 % attendance the school will ask the parent to account for their child’s absence.

Parents must please telephone the school first thing in the morning of the day of an illness or for other reasons such as a family crisis. An email to the relevant grade head will also suffice. Pupils must bring a parental note on the day they return and hand it to their homeroom teacher. If a pupil has been absent for two days, it is important that the school be informed about the problem. Please notify the school or the Grade Head if your child has an infectious or contagious illness. In such cases, a pupil should not attend school until a Medical Certificate has been submitted indicating that they are able to return to school.

Leave of Absence

If a pupil needs to attend a medical appointment or requires a leave of absence for any other reason, a letter must be brought from home. The letter should be shown to their Grade Head who will inform the Secretary. Parents are then required to fetch their child and sign them out. The leave of absence should be obtained before the time unless it is an emergency. If a child takes ill at school, we will call the parents to collect their child at reception. The school makes no provision to keep ill children at school.

Leave of Absence for a Family Holiday

Family holidays should be taken during school holidays. Leave will not be granted for family holidays under any circumstance/s.

Requests for leave of absence must be put in writing to the Grade Head who, in consultation with the Principal, will make a decision. A leave of absence without permission will automatically be recorded as an unauthorized absence.

Special Leave of Absence

If a pupil has been invited to participate in a sports event, dance competition or, for example, a Scouting Jamboree, the school must be informed well in advance with the necessary supporting documents.