Complaints Procedures

Should a parent or learner be unhappy with the service they are receiving from a staff member at NHHS, the correct protocol would be to first address the matter with the relevant staff member. If there is no improvement in the situation or if the parent/learner is unhappy with the response from the staff member, the matter should then be escalated to the relevant Grade Head. Once the Grade Head has intervened, if there is again no solution to the problem the parent must escalate the matter to the School Managers.

The Deputy Head in Charge of Discipline would deal with all matters relating to the behaviour management of a learner and also all cases where a teacher needed to intervene to correct a learner in some way or another.

The Deputy Head in Charge of Curriculum would be the person to speak to concerning matters around teaching, learning and assessment.

Finally, the School Principal is available to discuss any unhappiness from parents and is also available as a last port of call for matters which, in the parents’ mind, remains unresolved.

The staff at NHHS are driven by a passion for what they do and also understand that we are here to assist learners and parents. Our point of departure when dealing with complaints is also to be solutions focused and to seek a solution which all parties are happy with and agree to. We rely on the support and co-operation of our parents to make NHHS a safe, secure and happy place for our children.