ICT Model School Project

Our Goal: Is to enhance the teaching and learning experience of our learners through the use of technology.

I feel that e-learning has changed the way of learning. It must allow learners to take control of their learning and teachers take on a role as facilitator’s to help them explore the curriculum.

Encouraging independent thinking and for them to take responsibility for their learning. Digital devices must therefore enhance the ability of the learners to transfer meaningful learning in a way to ignite the passion and the love for their subjects. Digital learning is no longer an option. It is a necessity to prepare learners for the future.

The main aim as a Model school this year is the implementation of the ITSI and Miebooks project. Using the e-textbook and pushing resources takes priority. We need to be the champions and the learners will follow suit. You need to feel comfortable using this new Learning Management System.

We have received thus far Level 1-4 training and our teachers are very enthusiastic with the new skills that they have acquired. There is excitement in the air as teachers are integrating these skills in their daily teaching. E-Pedogogy and E-content are essential elements to the success of this project.

Our ICT – Team: Mr. Z Hendricks, C Van Heerden, S Hartle, P Dirksen, W Van Der Merwe, B September and J Holland are in the forefront of this incredible project and leading the way on revolutionizing ICT at our school.

J Holland


Blended Learning with ITSI