School Council Executives 2020

From left to right: Jada Geldenhuys – Head of Media pillar;  Justine Hitiyaremye – Deputy Chairperson;  Kyle Kleinsmith – Head of Extra Mural Pillar;  Chenille Arendse – Chairperson; Seth Hendricks Head of Discipline Pillar;  Emma Davies – Head of Service Pillar; Ammaarah Isaacs – Head of Academics Pillar

School council’s vision for this year is Vision 2020. This theme aims to inspire each and every one of us in order to reach for bigger and better things. Vision is not only seeing with our eyes but seeing with or eyes closed. Its having clarity and purpose as to what this year holds, and what we hope to achieve.

We are striving to create a greater impact on the rest of the school and our community, as well as instilling Normies pride in everything that we do.Vision 2020 means taking charge of your goals, constantly pushing yourself and reevaluating your vision in order to get to the end goal.

Collaboration, communication and building better relationships is what needs to be valued.

Take hold of 2020 and make it yours

Vision 2020


Academic Pillar

Our vision is to guide others to prioritize their individual academic potential while motivating academic performance that is of a high standard.


Discipline Pillar

Our vision is to encourage a positive change in the attitude and behaviour of learners through self-discipline, in a co-operative and constructive manner.



Extra Mural Pillar

Our vision is to develop extra-mural activity by laying the foundation for participation, commitment and growth.


Media Pillar

Our Vision is to enhance the image of the school by advocating the Normies brand at various levels and in doing so encourage and instill self-discipline when engaging with media and ICT.


Service Pillar

Our vision is to instill a compassionate spirit in all learners and enthusiastically strive towards meeting the needs of the less privileged, with the selfless support of the school and the community.