School Council

left to right: Declan Europa-Quantoi: Discipline Pillar; Gabriella Lategan; Academic Pillar; Zubayr Daniels: Deputy; Tristan Hermanus: Head of school; Kate Jenner: Service Pillar; Caden Williams: Extra-mural Pillar.

361° the beginning of a new revolution

School council of 2018/2019 will be adopting the motivation ideal:  361° the beginning of a new revolution.

360°  degrees completes a circle and represents a whole, which repeats itself, never changing it’s tiresome ways and continually doing the same thing while expecting a different outcome.

The additional 1° pioneers a new revolution, evoking change and new beginnings. It signifies the next level in life and going beyond your expectations. 361° is spiralling out of the norm and attempting something different.

361° defines something as incomplete whilst constantly finding techniques to better oneself. It foresees every learning experience as an opportunity to surpass the next level and be an improved version of yourself.

This ideal draws on the past and constantly pushes you out of your comfort zone. This is similar to 212°  being the extra degree and going the extra mile as it shows tenacity in the face of adversity.

School council aims to start a new revolution in reviving all aspects of a Norman Henshilwood learner be it academics, culture, sport, service and the Normies pride through discipline.


The School Council are continuing the Linked-in-Learner Initiative in 2019

  1. Linked-in-learner [LiL]: this leadership structure allows classes that do not have RCL reps to have LIL’s who will be responsible for plugging in, at the very local level, school-based decisions. LiL’s serve as a link between decisions needing to be taken and final decisions made.


Academic Pillar Vision
The main goal of academic pillar is to assist our fellow peers in discovering their abilities and passions; and preparing them to be life long learners. We aim to make learning enjoyable while still motivating our learners to work hard and be self-disciplined in whatever dream they choose to fulfill.
Discipline Pillar:
To foster a peaceful environment where we can encourage a positive change in attitude and behaviour through self-discipline.
Extra-mural Pillar:
To encourage and uplift extra-mural activity, bringing individuals out of their comfort zones and developing them by commitment and growth.We aim to uplift sports and culture so that it is on equal terms as well as encourage our learners to participate in both sports and cultural activities.
Service Pillar:
Our Vision is to instill a benevolent spirit in all our learners and enthusiastically strive towards meeting the needs of the less privileged, with the selfless support of the school and the community.