The SGB of NHHS employs an outside service provider to look after the safety and security of learners and teachers during the school day. We have security guards on duty at both our entrance and exit gates; in addition we have one roving guard who monitors movement within the school campus.

Our grounds are fenced in and visitors to the grounds are monitored closely. During the day, outsiders who wish to visit the school are required to report directly to the reception office from where they will be directed to the necessary department for assistance.

Nobody is allowed access to our learners during the school day without the express permission of parents and then only in the presence of a staff member. Parents who wish to collect their children early from school are required to report to reception and, once their child has been called from class, to sign the child out of the school.

Ensuring that our children are accounted for, are safe and sound while in our care is something that the Staff and Management of NHHS take seriously. We are keenly aware that we have minors in our care and also that our parents trust us with their children.